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Decision to Implement the H-1B Cap Registration System Expected at End of 2019

USCIS Director, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, recently indicated that the USCIS will decide by the end of 2019, whether to implement its new H-1B cap registration system for the upcoming FY 2021 cap season.

If the new system is implemented for the FY 2021 cap season, petitioners filing H-1B cap cases would be initially required to register online, in order to enter their H-1B cap cases into the H-1B lottery.

The USCIS would then complete the H-1B lottery process and select registered H-1B cap cases.

Thereafter, petitioners would be permitted to file complete H-1B Cap Petitions only for the registrations that are selected in the H-1B lottery by the USCIS.

The USCIS would then allow petitioners to file their H-1B Cap Petitions with the USCIS during a period of at least 90 days.

Further, petitioners would be required to pay $10 per each H-1B cap registration at the time of submitting the registration.


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